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Fairy tale bakery
Our desserts will be a delicious decoration for your holiday.
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Online store of cakes and desserts “Fairy Tale bakery"

"Fairy Tale Bakery": the quality of raw materials is the basis of our work

Welcome to the magical world of desserts.

We will do everything we can to make our desserts according to your wishes, be it wedding cake, festive cake, cake for special occasion or family gathering, for it to be wonderful sweet eye candy of your celebration.
We base our work heavily on using only ingredients of the highest quality. For our desserts we use only the best ingredients. We avoid using shortenings and margarines, store bought cake mixes and plant based whipping creams.

Our production is specialized at making cakes and desserts, be it in accordance with latest techniques or classic desserts made with the best techniques . We use marzipan and fondant as cake decorations or modeling, but we do not use them for covering cakes.
Every cake decoration is unique in its own way. Sadly, we do not make exact replicas of previously made cake decorations, but we still guarantee that they will be made in the same art style and fashion. 

Quality of our ingredients guarantee your health! That's why we use only the best ingredients.

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In order to meet your requirements, please place your orders well in advance. In urgent cases, you can also contact us by phone.

When ordering, please indicate:

1. Date and time of the event,
2. Contact phone and e-mail
3. Desired cake weight or number of servings (for children's cakes, please indicate the number of children and their average age)
4. Selected composition
5. Decoration and decor.
6. When making delivery, please indicate the interval.

 We will be happy to create a delicious dessert for you!

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Pastry and confectionery making is my life!

My name is Tatiana Blagova and it is my hobby, which has grown to quiet big proportions. My journey began with university in technology of pastry production, followed by 7 years of working experience in a production facility in Moscow. In following years I successfully procured both certifications and experiences in modern pastry making, be it with Vera Nikandrova, Nina Terasova, Marie Selyanine and other courses in Czech Republic.


Can I order a wedding cake?

Yes you can. Write to us what you would like  or your idea at email  info@ftbakery.cz

Can I order dessert and cakes with a logo, signature or small picture?

Yes you can. Logo or similar decorations would be made from edible paper. If you would like this, contact us at  info@ftbakery.cz

Can I order a cake, which is different from those displayed at the e-shop catalog?

Yes, but you must choose the type of sponge and filling from our current selection. 
Decoration can be made after arrangement or chosen from our existing cakes. 

Can I order cake only 1 day in advance?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We need more time to arrange and solve all of your requests and wishes. 

How is delivery and payment managed?

All information should  be here payment and delivery https://fairytalebakery.cz/en/usloviya-oplaty
In case of ambiguity contact us at info@ftbakery.cz

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